Youtube tutorial

Create a youtube tutorial. Tutorials have an interesting genealogy in the design discipline. Formulating clear instructions has long been part of the activity of design, as designers had to communicate their specifications to manufacturers and printers. Instruction manuals often accompany designed objects as well as software. And DIY cultural production has often published how-to production guides for a variety of subjects, from furniture to punk rock tours.

In the first part of the project, we will survey the youtube tutorial scene, trying to get a sense of the range of aesthetics which organize the instruction, as well as the sorts of things being taught. As you review the landscape of tutorials, think about the possibilities for graphics, voice, point of view, cutting/montage, music, etc. As you conceptualize your own tutorial, think about both content and form. What action will you teach? How will you teach it? Your tutorial should be new — make sure there isn’t already one on youtube.

Develop a strong graphic dimension for your video. Imagine the graphics as well as the soundtrack as neither ancilliary wallpaper nor side commentary but as equal audio / visual partners to the video content in the total cinematic experience you are constructing. Consider intros and finales.