Conceptual Twitter

Create a new conceptual Twitter account. Find inspiration from a set of conceptual Twitter case studies, as well as, more broadly, the contemporary practice of “conceptual writing.” Develop a clear concept for your Twitter account and follow it through, developing it as you go. This is an experiment with serial language at the compressed and networked level of the Twitter platform. You’ll make at least 100 tweets over the course of two weeks.
Pick a conceptual Twitter account. Consider its formula, humor, and subversiveness. Read the tweets and find whatever you can on the internet that was written about it.
Pick one of the following to present:
Present it to class on Wed 14 Nov in 10 minutes or so.
Develop a concept for your own Twitter account. Consider the various things we observed in the case studies: periodicity (rate of posting), the relation of concept to execution, senses of narrative, performance, persona, relation to a source text, etc. Be prepared to elucidate your concept in class and present some first tweets.
Execute the concept in Twitter. Write your concept as a “bio” in your twitter account.