Make a 2 minute long video which thematically curates and combines multiple found video clips. Think of the supercut as a hyper-condensed, fast-paced mash-up montage. What you montage is up to you. Supercuts typically show repetitions of cliched actions in films, but you’re not bound to this. It’s

a simple concept: a thematically unified video montage. Think of a theme and begin to compile clips. Use short clips so your video won’t get taken down for copyright infringement.

Your supercut could be about something you already know a lot about (many supercuts are compiled by superfans), but don’t feel limited by your own zone of geeky cultural knowledge. There a bunch of tools for finding specific content within movies and tv shows. The supercut should not just be a greatest hits sampler. It should make us see the cultural phenomenon in a new way. It should humorously, critically expose a cultural formula we may not have been aware of before.

Content: the theme you come up with.

Form: how you sequence and pace the clips.

research tools

a history and overview of the genre

an archive of media tropes

search movies and tv series for particular phrases

further reading

The blog post that supposedly came up with the name for this youtube genre (plus a list of many supercuts).

some supercuts

David Caruso’s one liners

Cage does Cage

phil collins, oh lord in the air tonight

mirror scares

make a supercut and upload it to youtube.

clip converter

online video editor (going away sept 20)