Graphics Interchange Format 1: Research

Curate a set of 5 animated GIFs from the web and post them to your tumblr. Capture a range of styles and rhetorics. Aim to collect a varied set: each GIF should uniquely demonstrate a different aesthetic or technical feature of the image format. Bonus points for thematically unifying the set (they could all be Bowie, or cat, or abstract, or eye-roll, or architecture GIFS.) Find GIFs that reflect different stages in the history of the format — both contemporary and historic ones. At least one should have a text component.

Look in tumblr, giphy, google, imgur, reddit (, gifcities, etc. (Don’t just use giphy!) Also check the recommended reading links below for fascinating, historic GIFs.

Present your set to class with a brief (5 minute) explanation of why you chose your 5 — what aspect of each one is noteworthy. Indicate what is interesting and particular about GIF as an image format — what it can do that other image formats can’t — with reference to the particular GIFs you chose.