Graphic Interchange Format 2: Practice

In the second part of this study you will create your own GIFS. Make 5 GIFS that variously explore the technique of an infinitely looping series of images. Push, play with, the logic of the format: speed, number of frames, etc. How intense, how mesmerizing can you make your GIF? What new things can you make it do? What new things can it be used to say?

Your GIFS should be engaging at the levels of form and content. Include text (subtitles) in some of them. Experiment with a range of styles, materials (text, video, backgrounds) and means of production. Utilize different online GIF creation applications (e.g.,, as well as Photoshop. Use at least 3 different tools for production. Post each GIF to your tumblr and tag with the aesthetic categories you’re investigating.

Each of your GIFS should experiment with at least one of the aesthetic keywords that we brainstormed together. Feel free to explore an aesthetic we didn’t discuss. In any case, be prepared to talk about how your GIF relates to these categories. Play within the established aesthetic conventions, and/or bend the aesthetic into another dimension.

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